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You can choose deep tissue, stretching, walk on back, and feather light in your session. I also offer to wipe your body right on the table! You can  design your session by yourself too. 

Draping is optional and shower is available.

My goal is to bring you health, happiness and total relaxation.

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Swedish Massage:  $65/hour, $105/1.5 hours

Hot stone: add $10

Table scrub and  one hour massage: $105



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Drinking tea in winter

According to traditional Chinese medicine, people should drink tea according to their physical fitness as well as choose the right tea in different seasons of a year.

Generally speaking, scented tea is recommended in spring, green tea in summer, oolong tea in autumn and black tea in winter.

Black tea is an ideal drink in winter. With pleasant sweetness and temperateness, it contains rich protein to help digestion while nourishing and strengthening our body.

I like to put  in the tea with some 枸杞(Chinese wolfberry) which is effective in protecting the liver and relieving hypertension. it's good for kidney and eyesight too. Or put two pieces of ginger to ward off colds, flu, and sore throats.

Tea's character                  
People ask me what kind of tea is the best. I don't know the answer. I think tea has its character. Be good or bad depends on  when, who and how to drink.

Tea's character

The differences between types of tea result from different methods of processing the leaves. For green tea, the tea leaves are steamed, rolled and dried, a method that preserves the content of polyphenols, antioxidant compounds that confer the well-known health benefits of tea. For red tea, the leaves undergo a process of oxidation that changes the color and flavor and reduces the content of polyphenols. Oolong is intermediate between green and red tea - in color, flavor and polyphenol content.
Red tea is mild, the low amounts of caffeine and can warm on stomach
Green tea is cold, detox, the most powerful antioxidant
Oolong tea can reduce fat, cholesterol and blood sugar

When to drink:
Drink scented tea in spring
Drink green tea in summer
Drink Oolong in fall
Drink red tea in winter

Who drink:
Red tea is good for women
Green tea is good for elder, the people who works with computer long time, wants to improve the skin better and after big meal with a lot of meat but not good for the people whose stomach is uncomfortable.

How to drink:
Red tea: Pure water 90-100°F in warmed cup, soak 3mins
Green tea: Pure water 80°F in glass to 1/3 full, after 2mins, pure to full
Oolong tea: good for tea ceremony

Nourish Heart in Summer

Summer is the season to nourish our heart. The heart which correspond to the fire element is most active during the season. People are usually easy to be angry, irritable this time. This emotion forms bad circle with the hot weather.

There are some tips to make you spend summer healthier and happier:

  • A calm heart keeps your cool. less greedy, keep peaceful mind.
  • Meditate.
  • Slow down the pace of life.
  • Sleep late and take a noontime nap.
  • Red color foods are good for heart, like red bean, dates, chili, tomato, etc.

Why do you feel cold on hands and feet?

The weather is getting cooler.  In cold weather, many people experience cold hands and feet, even when they wear heavy socks and gloves or when they cover themselves with a thick quilt. The experts suggest a number of possible causes for the problem:

  • Poor circulation
  • Yang qi is not strong enough
  • Hormonal changes for women
  • Diseases like hypothyroidism
  • Others stressors like pressure, worry…

Some tips from the experts to make your hands and feet feel warmer:

  • Keep warm
  • Exercise regularly
  • Diet: Eat foods that contain Vitamins E, B, and niacin like nuts and carrots.  Avoid undercooked and cold food.
  • Chinese herbs for weakness and cold body
  • Aromatherapy baths with essential oils like ginger, rosemary
  • Massage some key points like yang chi (hand), yong quan (foot) as shown in the pictures above.

Biological clock---

Time and Health

This picture shows 12 Earthly Branches (times) that regulate the 12 regular channels of our bodies. Ideally, our movements and schedules should be guided by the Earthly Branches. 

23:00 - 1:00 is the time when the gallbladder is most active, and the most valuable time for preserving our health. It's the time to sleep. 

1:00 - 3:00 is the time when the liver is most active. If you eat food that is heavy, you'll feel thirsty during this time. Eating more light foods, like vegetables, will be better for you. 

3:00 - 5:00 is the time when the lungs are most active. During this time, Qi and blood re-distribute in the body. 

5:00 - 7:00, is the time when the large intestine is very active. This is a good time to move your bowels. 

7:00 - 9:00 is the time when our Yang-Qi is strongest. We need the Yin-Qi to maintain balance, and we need food in our stomachs to support the Yin-Qi.  If you are in the bad habit of skipping breakfast, you should correct this. During this time, you can eat more without gaining weight because, after 9:00, the spleen starts to work.  The spleen uses the food to make blood for your whole body. Soy milk is especially good to strengthen the spleen. 

11:00 - 13:00, we should take care of our hearts. If you can take a nap during this time, it's a very good way to nourish the heart. 

13:00 - 15:00 is the time for the small intestine to work. This is a good time to eat foods with high protein content, like meat. 

15:00 - 17:00  is the time for the bladder to work. 

17:00 - 19:00 is the kidney metabolism time. Don't eat a salty dinner, but foods high in calcium are good. 

19:00 - 21:00 is the time when the pericardium works, and the time when people are most likely to have heart attacks. It's important to remain calm and balanced during this time. 

21:00 - 23:00 is the time for Three-Jiaos to work. It's also the time we should go to bed. 

----Information from Hunan TV

Spring season & Liver 

Spring is here and it’s the season to nourish our liver. Here are some helpful tips to make your spring healthy and beneficial.

1. Food: reduce sour but add some sweet flavors in your food.  More green vegetables and fruits are the best. The dates, gouqi (kind of Chinese berry), and Chinese yam are good for this season.

2. Water: drinking more water can help circulation, metabolism, reduce the harm to liver by toxin and waste matter from the body. Also drinking more water will give you a healthier skin tone.

3. Drinking a little wine or any other alcoholic beverage is good for Yang in the liver. But like any thing else in life, drinking too much will damage liver.

4. Drug: be careful of the drugs you take because every drug will have some toxin element in them.

5. Dress comfortable: wearing clothing’s to tights is not good for the body and your blood flow.

6. Combing your hair more often will help with hair growth.

7. Sunshine: can strengthen yang-qi, get. 

8. Soaking feet: soaking feet in hot water(don’t get burn). It can unlock channels of body, dispel the cold (from the whole winter) away from body.

9. Keep early hours:  as Benjamin Franklin once said and good advice for all, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Tips to combat cellulite

 The appearance of cellulite is often likened to that of cottage cheese or is given the nice little term dimpled. Regardless of what you want to call it, cellulite is simply subcutaneous fat deposits. It caused by a build-up of fluid and toxins in the tissues, due to poor circulation and hormonal fluctuations.

At home, you can brush the skin regularly, especially before a bath or shower, with a natural-fiber skin brush or glove. Start at the thigh and work down the leg, using circular upward movements. this helps to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system and removes dead skin cells.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoid too much salt, sugar, or processed food.

Regular massage with essential oils for cellulite can help to increase your circulation and flushing out the toxins. It can smooth the lumpy appearance of the skin. Actually, aromatherapy is a healing treatment.

Lowering your golf score requires expert touch


"A massage before golf can increase a player's performance by 30%," says Keller. "It can also help keep players on the course as well."

"The lumbar region is the fulcrum of the coil that goes with the golf swing," Keller explains. She urges golfers to come for a massage that prepares the low back, shoulders, hips, legs and elbows for the motions and stresses of the game.

She also focuses on improving circulation in knees and hamstrings. She finds positional release is especially good for elbows.  Chiropractors and osteopaths often recommend massage for their patients who play golf. "A lot of people don't realize how many stresses golf can place on the body." says Keller. Here are some of the causes and most common areas of injury.

The most common causes of injuries in amateur golfers are:

   1. Too much play or practice
   2. Poor swing mechanics
   3. Hitting the ground
   4. Over - swinging
   5. Too little warming up
   6. Twisting during the swing
   7. Grip or swing change
   8. Falling
   9. Bending over the putt
  10. Cart - caused injury

Golf’s Top 10 Stress Points
The areas most prone to injury in golfers are:

   1. Lower back
   2. Wrist
   3. Elbow
   4. Shoulder
   5. Knee
   6. Neck
   7. Hip
   8. Ribs
   9. Ankle
  10. Foot

—Source: John R. McCarroll, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and member of the American College of Sports Medicine.